Mike Releases His Second Comedy Album

Mike released his second comedy album, The Worst Kind of Thoughtful, on Friday August 24th and it went as high as #3 on the iTunes Comedy Charts and spent two weeks in the iTunes Comedy Top 20.

Recorded live in Long Island at Governor’s Comedy Club, this high-octane comedy album from one of NYC’s top comedians gives you over an hour and twenty minutes of autobiographical stand up comedy.

The Worst Kind of Thoughtful covers a wide range of personal topics including: growing up as an Italian American in the rust belt with an overbearing father, becoming middle aged, failed relationships, dating in his 40’s, the pain and pleasure of Indian food, dealing with millennials,  getting his car stolen and having to travel on a Megabus to perform his stand up comedy all while living under a train in Queens.

Order the album by clicking here.


Mike has a new podcast

I’m pleased to announce my new podcast, “No Disrespect” hosted by myself and Chris Destafano.

Mike Vecchione and Chris Distefano are two, gluten free NYC based comics with advanced educational degrees and rigorous hair care regimens. These anxiety riddled, emotional eaters apply their old school Italian upbringings to a world full of trigger words, snap chat filters, and safe spaces. They attack/embrace each other and the issues of the day with such a fun loving, non gender binary approach, you’ll want to give a participation trophy to everyone you know. It’s all In good fun because, not for nothin’ cuz, at the end of the day, Mike and Chris mean “No Disrespect.”
Watch live every Thursday at 3PM ET!